Culture Recovery Fund saved the day

Meols Hall Events was thrown a lifeline by the Culture Recovery Fund during the pandemic. Without it we might have had to close forever.


Following the disappointing news that we were entering another Lockdown at the start of 2021, and we would not be able to hold events again at Meols Hall for some time, we were incredibly worried about how our business would survive and be able to stay open to allow everyone who attends the events, fundraisers etc. to come and enjoy our treasured buildings and collections at Meols Hall, a jewel of the North West.  With this grant, we were able to cover our basic running costs and ensure the continued survival of our business and therefore the upkeep and survival of Meols Hall for future generations to enjoy.  We are so happy to be able to welcome our couples back for weddings thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund and the dedication of our staff.